AL JASOOR is the UAE’s national specialist in armoured vehicles, and is part of the Platforms & Systems cluster of EDGE. Recognised as the exclusive supplier of the new Rabdan 8x8 infantry fighting vehicle - that offers unique operational advantages on land, and can reliably operate in water - AL JASOOR is committed to harnessing advanced technologies and innovations.

Ensuring those on the front line are protected by a new generation of faster, more mobile and more versatile vehicles with advanced offensive and defensive capabilities, AL JASOOR’s top priority is safety. The company’s strategic partnership with Otokar Land Systems further enables the transfer of technology, training and ownership.


To design and manufacture military vehicles that give our customers a
competitive advantage.


armoured fighting vehicle

We live in an accelerating world. Characterised by uncharted frontiers, the future is empowered by advanced technology that is galvanising a new breed of players. At the edge of these frontiers exist no limits – where boundless opportunities await.

Transforming how we live, and ensuring a more secure future, is what we do. We are EDGE; and our mission is simple: to bring innovative technologies and services to market with greater speed and efficiency.

We will not only revolutionise the defence industry, but we will change its fundamentals. We are the vanguard of the next-generation, of a reimagined sector. We prioritise technology in a non-binary world and seek universal solutions. We work with everyone: big or small, start-up or established, local or global.

We are EDGE. We enable a secure future.