The battlefield of the future presents a more diversified and complex environment with ever-more challenging combat scenarios. This demands a new generation of land vehicles that can provide swift insights and intelligence, flexible planning, and responsive tactics. AL JASOOR armoured vehicles have been developed to deliver advanced offensive and defensive capabilities that bring agility, mobility, and versatility to your forces in the field.

Our latest Rabdan 8x8 Armoured Fighting Vehicle offers unique operational advantages on both land and water.


Armoured Fighting vehicles


The Rabdan 8x8 Armoured Fighting Vehicle is an advanced, mission-ready vehicle system built for a range of objectives and terrain styles. It is available in a number of configurations, with a maximum capacity of 11 frontline troops. Highly mobile on land and water, it has a top speed of over 100km/h. Rabdan can be equipped with different armour protection and high-calibre turret-based weapon systems (up to 105mm cannon). It also offers Level-4 ballistic and mine protection and is fully certified to international standards.

As a next-generation amphibious vehicle, Rabdan comes with a modular, multi-wheeled structure for both tactical and technical advantages. Its integrated suite of military-grade support services makes it a complete unit. Developed on the successful Armed Assault (ARMA) platform and tested to the most rigorous standards, the vehicle caters to the operational requirements of armed forces across the world.