Rabdan 8x8 ArmouredVehicle

Rabdan 8x8 armored fighting vehicle

The Rabdan 8x8 Armoured Fighting Vehicle is an advanced, mission-ready vehicle system built for a range of objectives and terrain styles. It is available in a number of configurations, with a maximum capacity of 11 frontline troops. Highly mobile on land and water, it has a top speed of over 100km/h. Rabdan can be equipped with different armour protection and high-calibre turret-based weapon systems (up to 105mm cannon). It also offers Level-4 ballistic and mine protection and is fully certified to international standards.

As a next-generation amphibious vehicle, Rabdan comes with a modular, multi-wheeled structure for both tactical and technical advantages. Its integrated suite of military-grade support services makes it a complete unit. Developed on the successful Armed Assault (ARMA) platform and tested to the most rigorous standards, the vehicle caters to the operational requirements of armed forces across the world.

Protected Andprotecting

Rabdan’s advanced armored fighting vehicle

Rabdan’s advanced exterior armour is designed to enable life-saving protection against blasts, ballistics, and impacts, protecting your ground troops and advancing mission success.

Supporting Rabdan

Rabdan Rocks army armored vehicle

We are supporting the rollout of the Rabdan vehicle programme with a dedicated, long-term package of integrated logistics support including:

  • On-site client acceptance support
  • Repair, refurbishment, and preventive maintenance, including a 20-year supply agreement for spare parts, special tools, and technical support
  • Local retrofitting and customisation to meet a range of mission objectives
  • Operational training and know-how


Weight and dimensions

Gross vehicle weight: Up to 30,000kg
Length: 8m
Width: 3.25m
Height: 2.35m (over hull)
Seating capacity: 11 personnel


Max speed: 105km/h
Max amphibious speed: > 9km/h
Climbing capability: 60%
Side slope capability: 30%
Minimum ground clearance: 0.40m
Vertical obstacle crossing: 0.7m
Trench crossing: 2m
Cruising range: 700km

Standard equipment

Driver’s vision enhancement system
Situational awareness system
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) filtration system
Automatic fire suppression system


Central tyre inflation system
Radial tyres with run-flat inserts
Self-recovery winch
Ramp door with emergency exit
Provision for C4I



6 cylinders, water-cooled, turbocharged, intercooler, diesel 600hp



Automatic, 6 +1 gears



Pneumatic service brakes with ABS
Pneumatic release independent park brake


Electrical system

24V, Vehicle and mission batteries


Axles and suspension

8x6, 8x8 wheel drive
Fully independent, telescopic type shock absorber and helical spring


Transfer case

Two-speed with differential lock



Hydraulically assisted steering, 1st and 2nd axles steerable


Vehicle variants

Armoured personnel carrier
Infantry fighting vehicle
Command and control vehicle
Reconnaissance vehicle
Mortar carrier
Recovery vehicle
Ambulance vehicle